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Drafting Contracts & Licensing in Gainesville

In business, agreements, promises and favors are an everyday occurrence. Many companies will conduct business with other companies in order to receive something in return, and we often see these arrangements made orally with a mutual agreement. While this may work for small favors and arrangements that don't put profits on the line, when disagreements occur, it can be difficult to hold any of the parties accountable for their part in the original oral contract. This can lead to a frustrating experience riddled with lawsuits and falling out with partners and colleagues. In order to keep the peace and allow your business to continue as usual, the business attorneys of Shigo Law Firm, P.A., recommend drafting a contract.

We also provide licensing counsel and drafting for a variety of business needs, including business formation, international licensing and manufacturing and distribution arrangements. No matter your licensing need, our attorneys can get you on the right track for business success.

Contract Drafting Services

A legally binding contract can be beneficial in a number of cases and business relationships. Employer/employee, landlord/renter, contractor/client are all great examples of when contracts can prevent strains on the working relationship while holding each party accountable for specific goods, services and behaviors. When disagreements do occur, it's easy to check a contract and determine how the situation should be handled and who is responsible, which is why your contracts should be specific, and sometimes, extensive.

There are generic contract forms available online that a lot of people use everyday due to the convenience. However, a generic contract may not be taking your best interest into consideration. Oftentimes these online forms do not favor one party or the other, and they usually don't include any specific clauses. That might be OK for understanding the contract without consulting an attorney, but what happens when a disagreement arises and you are at fault due to the contract lacking specifics? Avoid possible lawsuits by having a contract drafted right from the beginning.

At Shigo Law Firm, our contract-drafting lawyers consult with our clients to uncover the goals behind the contract. That way we are able to draft better contracts that suit your specific needs and protect your rights and assets. Many clients come to us after it's too late — they've already signed a contract — and want to know if we can help change some of the stipulations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to void a contract after it has been signed by both parties. When you sign a contract, you are agreeing to its terms for the duration specified. However, you don't have to sign a contract just because it is presented to you. Many renters and clients who hire a contractor are unaware that you can always change stipulations in a contract and present it to the other party. Of course, the other party has the right to decline the contract and further negotiations. Don't feel pressured to sign right away — let us take a look and make sure signing the contract is in your best interests.

Licensing Services

There are many reasons why our clients seek a licensing attorney in North Central Florida. At Shigo Law Firm, we can help create and establish licenses for applicable intellectual property as well as establishing licensing for a newly formed business. This can include agreements for manufacturing, distribution and marketing licenses or becoming licensed with the State of Florida in order to form, open or purchase a business.

Licensing can be a complicated and confusing matter for business owners. Often, license forms use legal-speak in ways that cloud their intended meaning. Our attorneys can help you decipher licensing jargon as we guide you through licensing processes. Business formation is a stressful time for many individuals who are focused on how to succeed once the company has been created. But there are a lot of regulations, licenses and registration requirements on both the state and federal level that can halt your business before it begins. Don't miss the opportunity to start or purchase a successful business because of a licensing oversight.

Over the years of practice, we have found that some people are uncomfortable when it comes to enforcing a contract or requesting proof of licensing. We all want to trust that our business partners, colleagues, renters, landlords, contractors and clients are honest and sincere, but when tempers flare and problems arise, people don't often think rationally. It's in these emotional and stressful times that a contract is important. Call our offices in Gainesville or Ocala to discuss your situation and find out how drafting a business contract may be in your best interest.


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