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Gainesville Real Estate Attorneys: Property Law

Real estate laws in the State of Florida are not always easy to navigate for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, owners, contractors and anyone else who may be involved. That's why the real estate attorneys of Shigo Law Firm go above and beyond in representation of our clients to ensure that we can provide quality counseling for results that are in the best interest of our clients.

Gainesville Real Estate Attorneys

There are many areas of real estate law that the attorneys of Shigo Law Firm can help our clients navigate. As respected attorneys in both Gainesville and Ocala, we have represented and provided counsel for hundreds of residents, business owners and developers in order to solve disputes, reach an agreement, or draft a lease. If you are in need of assistance for any of the following real estate law issues, contact our law firm immediately.

Buying or Selling Property

Buying or selling a piece of property can be a life-changing decision in residential or commercial transactions. Although home-ownership or business-ownership are common goals for many residents of North Central Florida, buying and selling property can be a confusing, stressful time. Our attorneys are experienced in the process and can help clients with purchase and sale agreements, land surveys, deed restrictions, financing, and closing documents. If you have questions or concerns when buying or selling property, don't trust that other parties are being honest. Consult with our attorneys to protect your rights and your assets.

Condominium & Community Association Law

Florida is filled with condominiums, timeshare properties, subdivision, and cooperative communities. Creating, operating and managing properties, both residential and commercial, takes individuals who are able to meet the requirements set forth by governing agencies as well as develop restrictions for the communities. Shigo Law Firm attorneys can draft a range of documents including deed restrictions and conditions for homeowners.

Construction Law

With Florida's mild winters, construction can begin during any season. This has led to a booming industry yet there are a plethora of legal obligations and challenges to construction. We work with owners, builders, contractors, architects and engineers to resolve any number of legal problems that may arise during residential and commercial construction. This may include claims negotiation, liens, contracts, litigation and land use issue.

Leasing Disputes

Tenants, landlords, lenders and developers often turn to our real estate attorneys to settle or negotiate leasing disputes. Shigo Law attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating leases, as well as performing due diligence and representing clients during eviction proceedings, foreclosures, non-compliance disputes, non-payment disputes and deposit disputes. We urge anyone who is entering into a lease to seek a real estate attorney who can ensure the client is getting a fair deal.

Land Use/Zoning

Zoning and land use laws can be difficult to navigate, but with our experienced attorneys, our clients can trust that we will do what's best for them. From ordinances and regulations to codes and laws, our real estate attorneys have the expertise to provide excellent representation to all land use and zoning issues.

Local, State & Administrative Law

North Central Florida is a unique area that has grown over the years into a booming economy for local businesses and chains alike. In order to ensure that your business is adhering to local and state governments, as well as administrative laws, seek representation from a law firm you can trust. Shigo Law Firm is proud to represent hard-working business owners in Ocala and Gainesville.


When parties are more open to negotiation and settlement, mediation is often the best course of action. Litigation can prove expensive and,in certain instances, risky. Shigo attorneys are well practiced in mediation in order to resolve real estate issues that don't warrant going to trial. Mediations are usually conducted at a much quicker pace than trials, so it can be beneficial for all parties involved to negotiate and settle through mediation.

Mobile & Manufactured Housing Law

Mobile and manufactured housing law involves many areas, including development, sales, leasing, landlord-tenant issues, self storage facilities, and other areas of operation of a mobile home or manufactured housing.

Mortgage Law

Before you take out a mortgage, finance, or refinance your home, talk to an attorney who can provide you with professional counseling. Our attorneys can advise you on a number of loan and mortgage issues, including drafting documents, resolving liens and much more.

Real Estate Closings & Disputes

Real estate closings are not as simple as many home-buyers hope, so it may be best to seek counsel from a real estate attorney in Gainesville. Shigo Law Firm can provide you with the advice you need and representation necessary to protect your rights regarding estate, tax, property, foreclosure, contract, eviction, commission, and escrow issues.

Property & Personal Property Taxation

When it comes to real and personal property taxation, you need a trusted attorney who can protect your rights and assets. The real estate and taxation attorneys of Shigo Law Firm have counseled property owners, developers and investors in the issues that matter most.

Title Insurance

The attorneys of Shigo Law Firm are experienced in title insurance and can provide a range of services to review and analyze easements, restrictions and covenants under Florida law. Don't delay — contact us to begin the process of title examination now.

Waterfront Property Law

With the plethora of rivers and lakes in North Central Florida, as well as the Atlantic coast and Gulf coast not far away, many Ocala and Gainesville residents own waterfront property. Our attorneys have practiced waterfront property law for many years and can provide representation for owners and developers of waterfront properties, including construction, setback restrictions, survey specifications and design requirements.

Shigo Law Firm Real Estate Attorneys

As you can see, our attorneys are committed to providing counsel and representation where it's needed most in Gainesville and Ocala. If you have a real estate, leasing or property issue, contact us immediately to keep you, your business, and your assets protected.


The Shigo Law Firm is committed to answering your questions about business law, business, succession, estate planning, probate, tax law, social security benefits, and workers' compensation issues in Florida.

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