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Regulatory Compliance

Protecting your business against criminal charges.

Business owners, shareholders and those in charge of daily operations are at a higher risk of litigation because not only are they responsible for following state and federal laws, they can be liable for employees who do not follow the proper policies and procedures. A rogue employee can end up costing a business millions of dollars, and at Shigo Law Firm, P.A., we have witnessed the failure of good businesses due to costly investigations.

Business & Corporate Regulatory Compliance in Florida

The business law attorneys of Shigo Law Firm, located in Gainesville and Ocala, are experienced in protecting business owners and their businesses during a state or federal investigation. We are also knowledgeable in the ways to prevent regulatory compliance issues before any trouble begins. Our in-house team of experts provides a range of services to ensure your business, and your employees, are abiding by the law, including monitoring phone banks, conducting background checks on employees and new hires, and conducting private investigations of corporate policies for business owners, shareholders and management.

Online & In-Person Business Representation

Our regulatory compliance attorneys are available for all types of businesses, from startups and small businesses to corporations and organizations. We even represent online businesses who are being unfairly targeted by state and federal government agencies. If your business is being harassed by a government agency, contact our lawyers. We can provide surveillance and extensive reports to prevent an investigation by the authorities as well as preventing your website from getting shut down.

Complications of Business Law

We find that many business owners do not fully understand many of the laws governing their industry or the legal issues that can arise from owning a successful business. This leaves a business owner open to fines and litigation when certain laws are not followed. At Shigo Law Firm, we provide expert counsel for regulatory compliance issues, business disputes and complaints against the business. We understand that our economy in North Central Florida is at risk without the plethora of local and small businesses that operate here. Because we care about the area, and we want businesses here to succeed, we offer investigative services to get to the bottom of any issue and find the best possible solution.

Licensed Professionals, Zoning Permits & More

Many professions and industries across the state of Florida require professional licenses be kept up-to-date. Non-compliance of these regulations can put an entire company at risk, which is why we are available to answer licensing questions for medical professionals, health care employees, real estate development agencies and more. Our regulatory compliance lawyers are also well versed in the complexities of zoning permits and restrictions. We provide all the knowledge and tools you need to move forward with your project, your business and your career.

If you have let a license lapse, or if your professional licensing is in jeopardy, contact us immediately. We will work with any existing regulatory committee or governing board on your behalf, and we are dedicated to ensuring the future of your business.

Contact Business Law Attorneys You Can Trust

The attorneys of Shigo Law Firm, P.A., are experienced in a variety of business law practices, especially regulatory compliance. If your business is at risk, contact us right away for a consultation. We'll help you ensure that your business and your employees are following all of the necessary regulations and policies in place so your business can succeed. As legal issues can quickly get out of control, we urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can begin working on your case right away.

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