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Permanent Disability Benefits

Has a workplace injury left you unable to work? Call us for a permanent disability benefits consultation.

Workers who are injured on the job in Florida are eligible to file a workers' compensation claim and may also be eligible to receive monetary benefits. These benefits usually cover the costs of medical care and treatments, lab tests, prescription medication, and rehabilitation that may be required. In addition, workers may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages, and their family members can seek compensation in the form of death benefits. Each workers' compensation claim is wholly unique, so if you've been injured at work, contact a personal injury attorney with workers' compensation experience to help you determine your benefits.

Receiving the benefits you deserve is not generally an easy feat. Although employers in Florida must carry workers' compensation insurance, the insurance carriers often deny or dispute medical benefits claims. This can cause not only additional stress on an injured worker, but can put your health at risk if you are not receiving the medical treatment you need. Too often we see insurance companies and employers bully injured workers who were only doing what was expected of them while on duty. Don't let a big insurance company, or threats of termination from your employer, stop you from receiving the benefits you deserve.

Workers' Compensation: Permanent Disability Benefits

When it comes to workers' compensation disability benefits, claimants do not necessarily fall into a “temporary or permanent” category. It is possible to qualify for temporary indemnity benefits, and once those benefits have been exhausted, to also qualify for permanent total disability benefits. In order to assess your eligibility, we recommend contacting our personal injury and workers' compensation attorneys in Gainesville and Ocala so that we can review your case and ensure you receive your maximum benefits.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

During recovery from a workplace injury, patients reach a point called Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). This indicates one of two things:

  • the patient's injuries or conditions are not expected to improve significantly with further medical treatment, or
  • that a plateau in the treatment has been reached during the healing process.

MMI can be used to indicate that the patient has fully healed and recovered, or that improvement of their condition is not expected.

After reaching MMI, if a claimant's injuries are severe enough to permanently impede their ability to work, the claimant may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits (PT). Estimating benefits for permanent total disability can be difficult and time-consuming, and it is recommended to contact the Florida Division of Workers' Compensation. However, you don't have to make that call alone. At Shigo Law Firm, our workers' compensation attorneys are experienced in helping claimants receive permanent total disability benefits, and we can help you determine your benefits and interact with the Bureau of Monitoring and Audit on your behalf.

Permanent Disability Benefits Attorneys

Our personal injury attorneys understand that many workers who are injured on the job feel angry and frustrated. Getting injured in a workplace accident, especially when it is not your fault, can leave you feeling helpless. And if you've been permanently injured, and are unable to perform any work tasks, don't give up hope. Contact our Gainesville and Ocala attorneys to fight for your right to receive disability benefits.


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