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Workplace Accidents

Protecting the Rights of Injured Florida Workers—Florida Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Nearly 5,000 employees are killed on the job each year, and millions more experience injuries ranging in severity from strains and sprains like lifting injuries to traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and internal organ damage. The State of Florida ranks as one of the most dangerous places for workers. When an accident or injury at work interrupts your daily routine, it can lead to lost wages, pain, medical bills, and uncertainty. Workers' compensation can provide you with medical benefits, temporary wage benefits, and permanent disability or medical impairment benefits. However, it is not always easy for an employee to obtain the full benefits to which they are entitled. Further, those who have suffered a serious workplace injury may be unable to work for an extended period of time and may require more financial assistance than what workers' compensation offers. These individuals will need to bring a lawsuit against the third party that contributed or caused their injuries in order to receive additional compensation.

Workplace accidents, no matter how minor or severe, can greatly impact your livelihood and everyday life. When you have been involved in a workplace accident, you need the assistance of an attorney who will fight for your maximum recovery. The Shigo Law Firm, P.A. is committed to providing each client with the excellence of legal services that obtains the results you desire. We handle a full range of workplace accident issues, including workers' compensation and work accident lawsuits.

Understanding Florida Workers' Compensation

Florida law requires that nearly all employers carry workers' compensation insurance, which will provide benefits for any worker injured on the jobsite or due to a work related duty. Workers' compensation is a fault free system, allowing any employee to be eligible for coverage even if the accident was their fault.

If you have been injured on the job, workers' compensation can provide you with medical benefits.  Medical care benefits include hospital and medical expenses that are necessary to treat your injury or illness. Generally, things such as doctor's visits, medications, and surgeries will be covered. In some cases, workers' compensation will also cover services such as pain therapy, counseling, and acupuncture.

In addition to medical benefits, workers' compensation will provide temporary wage benefits. Injured employees will not receive full wage coverage; rather, they will receive a portion of their average wage, the percentage of which varies by whether the employee is fully or partially disabled.

If you are seriously injured in a workplace accident and unable to return to work, you may receive permanent disability benefits through workers' compensation. You will receive a percentage of your former average wage and will continue to receive this amount until you attain the age of 65.

Florida workers' compensation also allows for receipt of medical impairment benefits, which are paid after a physician places you at maximum medical improvement. These benefits are also calculated as a percentage of your former average weekly wage.

Why You Need a Workers' Compensation Attorney to Fight for Your Receipt of Benefits

While workers' compensation sounds, in theory, like a simple and effective process for obtaining the medical and lost wage benefits you need following a workplace injury, the system is fraught with problems for the average injured worker. Insurance companies and employers often try to deny or minimize benefits paid out to those injured on the job. They may attempt to assert the injuries occurred outside the realm of employment or are less severe than claimed to be. To ensure you are treated in a fair manner and receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled, it is important to retain an experienced workers' compensation counsel. Your attorney can also handle any appeals that may become necessary in the event your claim is denied or limited.

Seeking Recovery Outside of Workers' Compensation for Your Workplace Accident

At The Shigo Law Firm, P.A., we understand that workers' compensation pays only part of the expenses that follow a workplace accident. This is why we thoroughly investigate any serious workplace accident to uncover all responsible parties and potential sources of compensation. Many injured workers will have the right to recover damages from negligent manufacturers, property owners, or other companies that contributed to the accident. These non-employers are not protected by workers' compensation law.

Construction accidents often involve serious injuries and third party involvement. Construction workers have a high risk of work accidents, including forklift accidents, being struck by cranes, heavy equipment, falling from heights, motor vehicle accidents, and more. In many construction accidents, a defective product or negligent company that is not the employer will play a role in causing your injuries. You can receive compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, and more incurred as a result of the third party's negligence, in addition to workers' compensation benefits.

The Shigo Law Firm, P.A.: Protecting Workers Throughout Florida Who Are Injured on the Job

Millions of workers become injured on the job each year. These workers will often incur considerable medical expenses, experience pain and suffering, and require time off from work. Sometimes, the injuries are severe enough to permanently disable the employee. Any employee who has been injured on the job, whether it be in an accident or due to a repetitive stress injury, will need the help of an experienced work place accident attorney who can ensure he or she receives the workers' compensation and other rights to which they are entitled. If you are an injured worker, you need a law firm with the experience, understanding, and skill to competently fight for your maximum benefits.

At Shigo Law Firm, P.A., our husband and wife attorney team offer years of experience in the field of workplace accidents and workers' compensation insurance. We provide high quality and personalized assistance to anyone struggling to obtain full workers' compensation benefits and more. Do not delay when it comes to fighting for the benefits to which you are entitled — call us today to schedule your initial consultation. You can reach our Gainesville office at (352) 338-1988 and our Ocala office at (352) 369-3476.  We look forward to providing you with exemplary legal services.


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